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Department of Transportation (DOT) logos at Interstate Highway exits are proven traffic builders. DOT mainline logos are mounted on blue backboards approaching the exit. DOT ramp logos are mounted on another blue backboard board near the stop. Competition for space on the DOT blue boards increases with business density near the exit. Therefore, it is a good idea to get your DOT logo on the blue board early and keep it there as long as you can.

There are up to  four blue backboards prior to each Interstate exit, Food, Fuel, Lodging and Attractions. Businesses of those types qualify for the Interstate Logo Signing Program, and can apply for permits and artwork approvals by contacting a nearby Department of Transportation office. DOT representatives are very efficient and cooperative, but will require you to select a sign maker from a list provided by the DOT. DOT makes you responsible for meeting the specifications set for DOT logos and will reject your signs if they do not meet specification. What you want is a reputable and reliable DOT logo sign maker known for ensuring that your DOT logos will be of  the highest specification and quality.

Some signs meet specification, but are of a lower grade reflective medium and transparent paint, and don’t stand out brightly among other signs or last as long. logo signs are still made by Banner Man, and we have been making them since 1995. using only the latest improvements in 3M Prismatic Reflective Sheeting and Transparent Paints. Our signs last longer. is our way of serving this specific and unique market. We will make the process of getting your DOT logos on the blue backboards FAST and EASY!